I am a street photographer currently based in Rosario, Argentina.

Born in 1973, a Swiss citizen, I discovered street photography while living in Paris and hunted its streets for five years. I then embarked on a 80 weeks around the world trip with the aim to document my experiences through street photography.  My goal is to document the simple facts of life, adding a touch of surrealism, lyricsm or humour to diverge from a pure documentary approach. I also run the website www.yanidel.net where I post a daily picture as well as writings on street photography.

Latest Publications

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28 Responses To  “About”
  • Emre Ogan

    Felicitation mon ami,comme j aime tes photos,j ai aussi aime le nouveau site,
    super photos.

    Salutations à vous deux!

    A bientot,

    • yanidel1

      Merci beaucoup Emre. J’espère que tout va bien à Istanbul !
      Salutations, Yanick et Natalia

  • Loulou

    Wow! Fantastic!
    What a stunning frame for a unique tribute
    From Paris to All other the World, what a journey right
    I just love your work
    Can’t wait to see more, to hear more 😉

    • yanidel1

      Thank you Loulou, and thank you for everything we are currently experiencing in Delhi ! 😉

  • Philippe

    Ton site est très beau, mais surtout, les images qui le compose sont extraordinaires. Un talent qui m’inspire beaucoup. Bravo et merci pour le partage !

  • Cushla Geary-Sayettat

    Hi, I’m a good friend of Nathalie Jauffret here in Delhi. She showed me your work. I’m going to live in Paris in September. You’re photos have inspired me, It breaks my heart to leave India. You’ve captured the essence and soul of this unfathomable, brutal, beautiful and heart-wrenching sub-continent, you’ll have to travel more here!

    I also lived in Burma between 1996-1999, you’re images have re-broken my heart and filled my senses with joy; you have captured the bravery, spirit and dignity of these people plus the verdant sluggishness and brace of the environs.

    Thank you for your vision,

    best regards, Cusha

    • yanidel1

      Thank you Cusha for your kind words. We are actually in Nathalie’s house right now. I think Paris is going to be another great experience for you. It broke our heart when we left there.

      Burma does not change much so I guess the pictures are still similar to your times there. Maybe the next decade will change much. Probably good for the people, but some of the culture will change too. Unluckily.

      Enjoy your times in Paris, best city in the world !

      Cheers, Yanick

  • Christophe Thillier

    Congrats ! Beautiful tribute to street & travel photography !

  • Axel Cordes

    Hello Yanick,

    Congratulations to your new site.
    You quote
    >His style is highly influenced by the Humanist tradition, and respect of human dignity is his main<
    is really true and a great Headline of your work.

    Always a pleasure to visit your site. My compliment.
    Ciao Axel

  • datamunkey


    New site is amazing, well done! I never did get the time to do that shooting in Delhi 🙁 hope you are enjoying it though…

  • yassine toumi

    Bonjour YANIDEL
    très beau site j’ai bien aimer le nouveau site web, mais tes photos son super de super.

  • Johannes Kick

    Hello Yanidel,

    you show some very nice pictures.
    I enjoyed looking at your work, keep it going.

    Best wishes from Germany

  • Luka

    Hello Yanick.
    Wow! Some pretty interesting snaps.
    They’re full of life, and.. when you watch them, it definitely feels like.. you are there!!!

    I have a question about “The Bodyguard” shoot. What did it look like you taking that shoot, i mean, you probably had to stand like 2-3 meters from the subject and shoot her candid!!? i would really like to know how did you take it.. 🙂

    • yanidel1

      Hi Luka, thanks a lot. I was probably at less then 2 meters. Just took it quick enough before they noticed me.
      Cheers, Yanick

  • Terrence

    Hey there, firstly, GREAT PHOTOS!

    Seems wonderful how you can capture the essence of Parisian life in your shots, I’m really amazed.

    I’m an aspiring photographer, my focus is street-, mood and some landscape photography. I will be travelling to Paris in Feb 2013. Please can I ask some pointers from you; obviously the best person to ask taking into consideration your photographs.

    I have read on blogs and sites that there are some restrictions with regards to the use of tripods in the city itself? I can understand the strenuous limits within buildings (Louvre, Versailles etc), but is there any such problems with outdoors? Especially at night?

    I have a couple of lenses in my arsenal, but weight restrictions only allows me to take two or three. I was thinking 50mm f1.4, 16-35 f2.8 and the trusted 24-70 f2.8, will this suffice?

    What (as many as you have time for PLEASE) tips can you give me with regards to photography in Paris?

    Thank you very much for your time, much appreciated.

    Warm regards (From a cold and wet Cape Town, South Africa)


    • yanidel1

      Hi Terrence,

      Thanks for your kind comments. I don’t know much about tripods, but did see some while shooting in Paris. I think that as long as you are not a disturbance to passer-by’s, you will be ok.
      As for lenses, I am going there in Saturday and will only take a 35mm and 60mm. You seem well covered in terms of focals so don’t take more. And only the 24-70 + 50mm could work well too.

      As for tips, I had put a listing of where to shoot in Paris in my former blog, you can find it here :

      Good luck and have great trip (well, that is in six months … you have to deal with the cold winter first 😉

      Cheers, Yanick

  • Frédéric

    Bonjour Yanick, j’ai deciuvert ton site ( et surtout tes photos) il y a peu et je suis admiratif de celles-ci. Ce coup d’œil, ce cadrage toujours juste à la fois recherché et spontané: bravo. Si je puis me permettre, étant photographe amateur depuis toujours et nikoniste jusqu’à maintenant, j’ai acquis récemment un M9 ( beaucoup plus discret que mon D3) et m’adone à la joie de la photographie de rue …
    J’hésite à m’acheter un 35 summicron ou summilux ( sans doute d’occasion)
    Le rendu de tes photos légèrement délavées, ce velouté: est-ce uns spécificité du Summilux ou bien est-ce un post traitement dont tu as le seçret

    • yanidel1

      Bonjour Frédéric, je te remercie pour ton message. Il n’y a que peu de différence entre le Summicron et le Summilux si ce n’est évidemment l’ouverture F1.4 qui a un look très différent (au niveau couleurs et contraste surtout). Pour ce qui est de mes photos désaturées c’est surtout dû à mon post traitement, bien qu’évidemment le Summilux apporte sa propre touche aussi. Cordialement, Yanick

  • Jin Woo

    I like your Street Photogary site thanks
    um Im not English this here is S.Korea Sorry,^^
    I made is Your Site sample,and souce copy OK?
    Your Photoes is very good!
    I do have a follow you . how do you copy? ^^
    Im poor English sorry haha

  • Coral Derfurt

    Hi im a collage student doing fine art, i love your photos! my question is which is your favourite? and why? i would love to add this into my sketch book. Thank you

  • Giuli Barbieri

    Vos photos sont magnifiques. Ils sont de la poésie pure, et sont un excellent exemple. Merci Yanidel!


  • Jana Kieler

    Hello, I absolutelly felt in love with your pictures. What an artist you are! Good light!


  • หาช่างภาพ ถ่ายรูป

    Great Photographer, I’m regular visitor of on site, maintain the excellent operate on, and The item’s going to be a standard visitor for years.

  • Alex

    I love the colors from all your photos, especially the people. Very elegant and charming!

  • James Gray

    Great pictures Yanidel – love the series on Cuba and your style. Keep shooting!

  • Chels

    Great Photographs! I’m in year 11 and i’m doing a photography assignment that requires artist inspirations, I’ve chosen you and i’d like to know more about what inspires you and what made you want to be a photographer.

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